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The Medline Institute is dedicated to transforming every aspect of the healthcare experience. Our mission is to help cultivate transformational leaders who can empower all areas of their organization to exceed the imaginations of those who count on them for care, while also improving financial position and creating operational excellence in the face of mounting pressure.

Just as we do for our Medline Institute live programs, here at the Institute On-Demand we’re curating the best faculty who are bringing exclusive programming and insights to Medline. Our courses are designed for practical, real-life applications that can be immediately implemented. But unlike our Medline Institute live programs, you can take Institute On-Demand programs on your schedule and at the pace that best meets your needs, whether that be in one sitting or over the course of a few weeks or months. They are on-demand so they work for your life.

Courses you won't find anywhere else

Faculty members

Kristin Baird,


President and CEO of Baird Group patient experience consultants, author, and speaker
Kristin Baird President and CEO of Baird Group

Angela Fieler,


Skilled consultant focused on strategic planning, leadership development, operational excellence, customer service, training, and facilitation
Kristin Baird President and CEO of Baird Group

Joseph Leggio,

Associate Executive Director/Vice President of Experience Services for the New York City Region at Northwell Health
Kristin Baird President and CEO of Baird Group

Medline supply chain team

Simply the best in the business.
Kristin Baird President and CEO of Baird Group

What people are saying

Program Manager, Baptist Health

Leanne Oberhausen,

“There is no amount of currency that could pay the value that you get from the course. Amazing.”

CEO, Mercy Hospital, Inc.

Aaron Herbel,

“Anyone in a management role will benefit from the practical tools and skills you will hone in this course.”

Senior Consultant, OhioHealth

Sony Mallory,

“Highly engaging experience that provided innovative and practical approaches to making sustainable improvements.”

Senior Procurement Manager

David Roth,

“Wonderful program and very well presented.”

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