Short interviews with healthcare leaders and leadership experts offering valuable guidance and insights you don't want to miss.

Rick Evans

Senior Vice-President and Chief Experience Officer, New York-Presbyterian

Kristin Baird interviews Rick on the topic of envisioning and implementing an exceptional patient experience in the midst of COVID-19. Rick shares his very personal leadership journey, the most critical lessons he has learned, and how his team has responded.

Doug Conant

Former Chairman of Avon, CEO of Campbell Soup and President of Nabisco

Lisa Petrilli interviews Doug regarding his advice for healthcare leaders based on his own experiences leading through a variety of crises. Doug shares insights from leaders who have inspired him, along with the principle he is currently using the most with his teams and companies he advises.

Joseph Leggio

Associate Executive Director/Vice President of Experience Services for the New York City Region at Northwell Health

Lisa Petrilli interviews Joe regarding his focus on exceptional communication strategies for patients and families at Northwell in the midst of COVID-19. Joe shares what they tried, what they learned and where they are at today.

Geoff Hudson-Searle

Managing Director: International Business and Executive Management Limited

Lisa Petrilli talks with Geoff, an expert on trust in organizations, regarding how to create trust during crisis and chaos. Special focus is given to meeting executive-level financial and outcomes challenges in healthcare by focusing on vision, mission, strategies and the values that underlie everything.

Colin Smith

Owner, Dexterity Solutions Limited

Lisa Petrilli talks with Colin about the critical link between executive-level listening and the empowerment of staff at all levels. Colin is highly regarded and known as an expert on improving organization results through a focus on listening. In this interview, the focus is on improving results in healthcare.